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How it works 🤔

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Define your life areas

Write down all the vital aspects of your life - quickly categorize and list them on particular contexts: Work, Personal, Relations, Fun or Sleep. Estimate how much time you want to spend on them.


Plan your desired schedule

Visualize a desired time-block schedule having under control all time goals of particular life areas. Quickly see the ratio between them.


Track your actual time spent

Knowing about your plans confirm whether everything goes well or a change occurred. Remind yourself what should you do right know everytime you start to procrastinate.


Analyse raport and improve!

Compare planned and executed versions of the plan, control the health of balance of particular life area and quickly check on ratio between the contexts.


Hand-crafted Features ✨

A general overview of the screens that will help you the most

Life Area Overview

Have all vital areas of your life under control, easily identify how much time takes you particular context or area. Filter life areas by a given context.Quickly check the health of balance of any life area.

LifeAreas 1LifeAreas 1

Quick Area Editor

Define all aspects of your life by declaring a nice name, desired context and set the hourly goals to stay accountable during the planning process. Or just effortlessly select one of the proposed healthy life areas out-of-the-box, it's simple as that!

CreateLifeArea 1CreateLifeArea 1

Day Plan Designer

Design the time blocks all over the daily timeline. After starting your day always remember what to do in the single moment, track how you spend your time and compare it with the plans. Get notified about the perfect time to plan and review your day.

Plan 1Plan 1

Analytical Daily Reports

Get the statistics and trends on the time spend on the particular life areas and contexts in the different intervals. Enhance your reports with anonymous data from community. Find out how you perform according to your hourly goals and improve!

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